Travel to Half Moon Bay


Attendees are expected to pay for air fare and other travel costs.


The closest airport to Half Moon Bay is San Francisco airport (SFO).


A cab ride to Half Moon Bay from SFO takes about thirty minutes and is about $60 each way.

If you have a larger group of attendees arriving at SFO at the same time, you may want to arrange for a vehicle to get you to Half Moon Bay.  Gateway Limousine is recommended by the Oceano.

For Berkeley folks, there will be a bus from Berkeley to the retreat location, leaving from Soda Hall at approximately 9:00am (tentative; details to follow).


Angie will make all hotel reservations.

Intel/McAfee attendees are expected to pay for their own hotel room, and you can provide your credit card at check-in; no need to give your credit card number now.  The room rate is $229 per night, plus taxes.

Lodging costs for all other invited attendees (besides folks from Intel/McAfee) will be paid by the Center.

All attendees will need to provide a credit card at check-in to cover any incidentals or personal costs.

The front desk can hold your luggage if you check in before your room is ready.  There will be opportunities to check into your room  at the 3:30 or 5:40 Wednesday breaks, if your room is not ready when you arrive before lunch.


The SCRUB center will pay for meals for all attendees during the retreat.

Contact Angie Abbatecola with any questions or issues.