Center researchers have released software and source code associated with several research projects.  All software released by the center is licensed under an appropriate open-source license (generally, the BSD or Apache license).


CloudProxy: a framework for secure computation in the cloud

CloudProxy is a system to help developers build and deploy applications securely in cloud data centers.  It is aimed at making it easier for developers to build secure systems that will address many common risks of cloud computing, including threats from other data center tenants,  insider threats, many network-based based attacks, and some kinds of physical attacks.



ExpressOS: A high-assurance OS for mobile platforms

ExpressOS is a high assurance OS architecture that enforces high level security invariants to improve the security of mobile application, where the enforcement has been formally verified.



GUPT: a platform for privacy-preserving data mining

GUPT is a privacy preserving data mining platform. GUPT guarantees privacy in statistical databases using Differential Privacy. It allows a data analyst to run a binary program against a database, and provides guarantees to ensure the result of the program cannot violate privacy constraints.

Paper: GUPT: Privacy Preserving Data Analysis Made Easy


HTML5 Privilege Separation

We have developed tools to assist with privilege separation of HTML5 applications, particularly for Chrome extensions.

Paper: Privilege Separation for HTML5 Applications


JStylo-Anonymouth (JSAN): an authorship-attribution and anonymization platform

JSAN is a platform that combines two tools:

  • JStylo: an authorship-attribution platform.
  • Anonymouth: a writing-style anonymization platform.

Paper: Use Fewer Instances of the Letter “i”: Toward Writing Style Anonymization