Center researchers have released software and source code associated with several research projects.  All software released by the center is licensed under an appropriate open-source license (generally, the BSD or Apache license).


ExpressOS: A high-assurance OS for mobile platforms

ExpressOS is a high assurance OS architecture that enforces high level security invariants to improve the security of mobile application, where the enforcement has been formally verified.



GUPT: a platform for privacy-preserving data mining

GUPT is a privacy preserving data mining platform. GUPT guarantees privacy in statistical databases using Differential Privacy. It allows a data analyst to run a binary program against a database, and provides guarantees to ensure the result of the program cannot violate privacy constraints.

Paper: GUPT: Privacy Preserving Data Analysis Made Easy


HTML5 Privilege Separation

We have developed tools to assist with privilege separation of HTML5 applications, particularly for Chrome extensions.

Paper: Privilege Separation for HTML5 Applications


JStylo-Anonymouth (JSAN): an authorship-attribution and anonymization platform

JSAN is a platform that combines two tools:

  • JStylo: an authorship-attribution platform.
  • Anonymouth: a writing-style anonymization platform.

Paper: Use Fewer Instances of the Letter “i”: Toward Writing Style Anonymization